Industrial IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Industrial IoT Solutions for Manufacturing


IoT & Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Work with Softweb. We specialize in helping firms set up IoT systems in factories, warehouses and supply chain operations.

IoT-enabled Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Predict when your equipment needs maintenance work based on the wear and tear instead of relying on scheduled maintenance.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

We provide enterprises with the tools to monitor their assets from any location and derive useful insights in real time.

Field Service
Field Service

Assign repair tasks based on availability and skills. Ensure that your technicians have the right information.

Logistics & Supply Chain
Logistics & Supply Chain

Optimize asset route execution based on continuous data transmission. Track your goods in real time to create a smarter supply chain

Big Data & Edge Analytics
Big Data & Edge Analytics

With the help of edge analytics, you can get insights from your Big data. These insights can help you reduce factory downtime.

Smart Factory
Smart Factory

With IoT solutions in place, in case of quality issues, production can be shut down before it creates defective products.


    Our IoT-centric solutions for the manufacturing sector allow firms to automate their production. The previously isolated factory processes are integrated resulting in increased factory visibility.

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    Our data analytics solutions covers supply chain analytics, helping you carry out demand forecasting, setting up smart transport logistics and creating IoT based strategic sourcing solutions.

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  • Predictive Analytics

    Manufacturers can get actionable insights from our predictive analytics solutions. We help companies analyze trends and patterns based on their factory data which results in better strategic decision making.

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Workshop on the Internet of Things

We will help you understand how IoT works along with which cloud and Big Data solutions are required in order to create a smart system.


    Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in Manufacturing

    • What is predictive maintenance
    • Understanding of concept
    • Benefits of predictive maintenance in manufacturing
    • How to reduce costs with Predictive Intelligence
    • Detailed insights on analytics
    • Internet of Things platforms
    • How IoT data is analyzed

    IoT Smart Factory - 10 essential sensors

    This whitepaper discusses use cases with a focus on how sensors can create a safer factory environment, meet compliance standards and improve worker safety. There are five key reasons for companies increasingly implementing IoT-enabled solutions in their factories:

    • Shrinking hardware costs
    • Universal Internet connectivity
    • IoT ready devices and sensors
    • Easy to manage Big Data technologies
    • Cheaper cloud based services

    Smart Factory for a Packaging Company

    Our client is one of the leading companies in the packaging sector. We upgraded their factory with an IoT based system combining sensors, Microsoft Azure services, mobile app and R Analytics to help them meet regulatory compliance and increase their efficiency.

    Key Features
    • The sensors for five key parameters were installed throughout the factory.
    • The data is transmitted and stored on Microsoft Azure.
    • Factory employees can see the data and alerts on their mobile app.
    • R Analytics gives the company predictive analysis capability.
  • “35% of US manufacturers are currently collecting and using data generated by smart sensors to enhance manufacturing/operating processes.”
    — PWC

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