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Yamana – Mobile Device Management from Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions has developed a mobile device management system called Yamana, Sanskrit word for managing. The concept is that enterprises can deploy this solution to ensure that the company’s employees use their mobile devices within the bounds of corporate policies.

It also helps the company to keep its data secure by remotely enforcing pass codes and device lock, device-level restrictions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. and application-level restrictions like barring / allowing access to social media sites, email, etc.

Topics covered in this free white paper are:

  • Yamana Mobile Device Management
  • Change in the dynamics of enterprise IT
  • Data Breach Investigation Repo
  • The need of better security and management
  • Threats to the enterprises data
  • Yamana and Customer Service
  • Need of Mobility Adoption and BYOD
  • Effective Solution for small, medium and large Enterprises
  • 7 Steps to Experience MDM

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