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Enterprise Mobility - Challenges and Strategy Implementation

While Enterprise Mobility is the Buzz word in the industry, this white paper gives and insight to strategy for developing Mobile architecture and solutions. It also explains the challenges for Enterprise Mobility.Enterprise Mobility solutions enable an enterprise to change the way it does business with its employees, partners, and consumers. This whitepaper describes how successful deployment of mobile solutions can help you maximize response times and productivity.

“Enterprise mobility is going to be as big as internet” – Fliplet

This whitepaper describes:

  • Introduction
  • Enterprise Mobility Challenges
  • The important business challenges
  • Implementing a mobility strategy overcoming the challenges
  • Business Impact
  • Quick review of effective benefits
  • Native Mobile Applications and Mobile Web Applications
  • When do we opt for Native Apps over Web Apps
  • When do we opt for Mobile Web Solutions?
  • Quick benefits of Native Apps
  • Immediate advantages of Mobile Web Solutions
  • How to make a choice?
  • Leading through examples

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