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Ishit Vohra

Ishit Vohra

Project Manager

Softweb Solutions

About Event

People have been talking about machine learning very prominently today. Companies are very much aware of the benefits this can offer to their business. A ML platform encompasses a complete package of models and algorithms that help businesses to make their processes, products and services better.

Businesses want their products and services to stand out of the line so that to elevate the customer retention and profit. With the help of a ML platform, achieving a profitable process can now be done easily. To explain the features, algorithms and benefits of a ML platform, we welcome you to our event on December 12, 2017. The event will be focused on how a ML platform can help in making the processes like pulling out data, predictive maintenance and many others can be made easy, which in turn can help you in achieving a better engagement with customers.


  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Why your business needs machine learning
  • ML platform architecture
  • Latest trends and industry adopters
  • Business use-cases
  • Demo
  • Q&A