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Guidelines for Location Based Services

With an increasing number of location-enabled devices used across globe, the demand of location-enabled apps has also been increased. Location Based Services (LBS) is increasingly becoming essential to the wireless user experience. The whitepaper incorporates comprehensive information on business benefits of LBS and market insight.

With the expansion of the smartphone and tablet markets, Location Based Services have become more and more important in the day-to-day experience. It’s a key element to provide a value-added experience to the mobile phone users.

“242 million users are expected to access location-based services on their mobile devices by 2018.” – Statista

Topics covered in this free whitepaper are:

  • Location Transforms the Whole Lot
  • Incredible good, Estimated Growth
  • Global Trends
  • Enterprise LBS Revenue
  • How LBS Can Benefit Your Business
  • Types of Location Based Services for Enterprises
  • Softweb Advantage
  • About Softweb Solutions

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