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Delivering a mobile app for retailers to access and analyze store sales and footfall

Mobile-enabled foot traffic technology can drastically help you increase engagement and sales. It also let you analyze how people are behaving inside your store and help you build better strategy to increase sales numbers. Our client, ShopperTrak, provides in-store analytics to retailers, malls and entertainment venues across the world and help increase traffic, conversions rates and profitability. To enables ShopperTrak give its clients an ability to check traffic patterns, we developed a mobile app that works on the iPad and iPhone. The app is available in eight languages and carries ShopperTrak’s popular market report – The Traffic Report.

“Although organized retail represents only a 5 – 7 % of the total retail industry in India, it is increasingly adopting technology to drive sales. The “footfall” is one such tool used to estimate various consumer and sales metrics.” -ivy pro school

Enterprise Benefits

  • Key metrics are displayed in a graphical format
  • Identifies traffic patterns, transactions and conversions
  • Gives info on the peak traffic times that occur during the week
  • Helps user measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

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