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Rajat Modi

Rajat Modi

Lead Analyst,

Softweb Solutions

Micheal McGrath

Michael McGrath

IoT Evangelist,

Softweb Solutions Inc

About Event

Augmented reality is no longer restricted to just high-end specialized headsets. AR based mobile apps have the potential to put the technology in the hands of anyone who has a smartphone. These apps can bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual world.

During this event, our experts will talk about how augmented reality is changing the way consumers interact with brands and its use within organizations. This is because the technology’s potential lies not just in sales and marketing but also in field service, training and on the production floor among several other uses.

We will also cover how AR apps are built. There are many AR frameworks for building apps for headsets and smartphones. The more popular ones are ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, Wikitude, and ARToolKit.


  • Introduction to augmented reality
  • Industry adoption trends and examples
  • Devices & SDKs that support AR
  • Use cases for major industries
    • - Manufacturing
    • - Automobile
    • - Education
    • - Retail
    • - Marketing & advertising
  • Demos