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Case Study


Mobile-Based Activity Tracking Application for Water Service Company

Shalewater, a water service company, desired a mobile app to mobilize their business processes efficiently. The main objective of building this application was to keep a track of all trucks with the help of integrated location tracking system. We developed a fully-functional iOS application, which helps in tracking complete details of all trucks. It also helps in keeping a check on the government site that tracks the water level in ponds, lakes, etc. and collects the latest value for keeping truck drivers updated. Softweb’s app provides an alert showing drivers that they can’t withdraw water at specific time.

“Enterprise apps boost work productivity by 34 percent”-Fliplet

Business Advantages

  • The app helps Shalewater to completely mobilize their manual work which in turn enhanced the productivity.
  • Integrated map feature helps the drivers to update themselves with different pick-up and drop-off locations on the move.
  • Features to alert the truck drivers if water withdrawal is prohibited by collecting up-to-date information from government based website.
  • Administrator can create reports on the app which can be shared with all active users.

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