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Case Study


ColorPath Sync Software to Deliver the Best Color Accuracy

Fujifilm Graphic Systems, USA Inc., was looking for a solution to give greater color accuracy in print result. Consequently, they have approached Softweb to provide a solution that best suits their business operations. We have provided a solution with the most advanced gray-balance calibration tool to align output devices to neutral gray using G7 methodology. With this solution, the users are in a position to perform color correction loops which help them in achieving greater results with perfect color accuracy.

“ColorPath Sync is a suite of state-of-the-art cloud-based color management tools which align output devices to designated color targets ” -Fujifilm Graphic Systems

Business Benefits

  • Web-based centralized interface for all G7/ISO color alignments
  • Cost effectiveness with high quality color management across multiple devices.
  • Features to increase color accuracy and minimize downtime.
  • Intuitive interface offering user-friendly charts and graphs for on-the-fly color corrections.
  • Data security with uninterrupted back-ups
  • Up-to-date cloud based technology enables the business does well.
  • Increases profitability by reducing time and complexity of production.

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