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ADA CDT Code Checker App for Dental Professionals

American Dental Association (ADA) approached Softweb to create an application, basically a CDT code checker, for dental professionals. They wanted this application to assist dentists and dental professionals in searching any kind of dental information on the go. Softweb has designed an interactive mobile application for ADA, CDT Code Checker, which helps the users to find all the dental related information using their Android or iOS smartphones or other mobile devices. With the solution we have provided, the search for any code or category has become pretty much easy for them as they can do it right away even while they are travelling.

“Healthcare professionals use mobile devices for mobile health (mHealth) services as well, which is predicted to be a $26 billion market globally by 2017, according to the 2013-2017 Mobile Health Market Report by Research2Guidance. ”

Business Benefits

  • Code Checker allows searching with any dental services by code, keywords, and category.
  • Ensures great comfort to dental professionals who travel between offices.
  • Handy dental related information can be accessed from mobile devices instantly.
  • Supporting iPhone/Android-based smartphones which ensures widespread utility.
  • ADA can update this app easily to keep its users up-to-date with all new info.
  • The new in-app purchase feature allows the users to buy the newly released version.

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