John Whitton

John Whitton

VP of US Market,

Softweb Solutions



Engagement Manager,

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About Webinar

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the mainstay of the digital revolution. Enterprises have no option but to adopt IoT which connects real-world sensor data to business processes to improve the operational efficiency. However, organizations must know how to unlock the potential of IoT by building an IoT platform or buying a commercial off-the-shelf platform.

During this webinar, you will get a detailed understanding of what it takes to build an IoT platform, what expertise is required, and what should be kept in mind while determining how to integrate it with your business.

We will talk about different ways to develop an IoT solution: building an IoT platform internally or “buying” pieces from infrastructure providers, customized solution providers, or IoT platform providers. After you attend this webinar, you will have a deeper understanding of the advantages and costs of each approach so that you can decide how to leverage an IoT platform for your business.


  • What’s needed to build an IoT platform?
  • What to look for when buying an IoT platform?
  • Build vs buy model – benefits and challenges
  • The next step - how to get started on either model