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R implementation and development services

If you are overwhelmed with so much data and striving to capture and create value from it, then you are at the right place. Softweb Solutions has a growing team of analytics consultants and R developers, helping enterprises with analytics consulting, application development, support.

R Analytics brings tremendous opportunities for businesses to find the patterns in data- be it structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, and empower them to take actionable decisions that drive towards better business outcomes.

Our capabilities with R

Big data & analytics with R

Irrespective of the velocity, variety, and volume of data, our data scientists can help businesses dig out hidden patterns and correlations, and empower them to make informed decisions and improve business operations.

Predictive analytics & visualization

Our team of expert data analysts and visualization experts can help you transform your business into a smart business by performing predictive analysis on data and helping you create futuristic insights for better planning.

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Integrating tableau and R for data analytics

Our highly skilled R programmers can perform statistical analysis to classify patterns in Tableau by accessing R packages and functions effortlessly. In this way, businesses can make the most of the visualization capabilities of Tableau to further evaluate and understand the data without carrying out data manipulation in R.

Creating Power BI visuals using R

Open up new opportunities to do something more than just default charts by integrating R with Power BI. The Power BI integration poses an opportunity to use the expansive machine learning, forecasting and more importantly visualization capabilities from the R language.

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Our data science experiments in R

Smart Retail (Market Basket Analysis)

The market basket analysis experiment was performed by our team of data scientists using Walmart’s data to analyze diverse customer behavior when inside the Walmart store. This helps find out the right product combinations, visit types, factors influencing sale as well as marketing.

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Sales Forecasting

The sales forecasting experiment was performed by our data scientists to correctly predict sales for the year 2016 in the US. With the historic data from 2011 to 2014, our team predicted date-wise sales in the R programming language using the time series algorithm.

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Skilled team of data scientists and data engineers
Maintain anonymity and industry standard data security
Successful implementation of machine learning models
Proactive consultation to reveal unforeseen potential of data
On-demand webinar

Predictive maintenance in manufacturing

Webinar Agenda
  • What is predictive maintenance
  • Understanding of concept
  • Benefits of predictive maintenance in manufacturing
  • How to reduce costs with Predictive Intelligence
  • Detailed insights on analytics
  • Internet of Things platforms
  • How IoT data is analyzed


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Let’s get started in 3 simple steps

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Our big data and predictive analytics solutions powered by R help businesses to reveal information that delivers real business value.

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