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DevOps as a Service
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At Softweb Solutions, we practice DevOps for creating and delivering projects to enable developers and operators to collaborate closely every day. DevOps enables designers, solution architects, developers, testers, and integrators to merge into cross-functional teams with improved transparency and agility. We ensure stability, aligned workflow, continuous integration, and quick adaption to change.

"By 2020, at least 80% of the practices identified with DevOps and Mode 2 will be adopted by traditional Mode 1 groups, up from less than 10% today."  — Gartner

DevOps ensures


More Frequent Deploys


Faster Recovery Times


Lower Change Failure Rates


Less time on unplanned work

Unveil technical, cultural, and business benefits with DevOps

  • Automation
  • Deployment
  • Assessment
  • Collaboration
  • Lifecycle process management


Automating and standardizing production environments are among the key aspects of DevOps. It makes deployments easy and enables efficient distribution of resources.


Deploy all code changes to a testing environment or a production environment application. It helps to run the maintenance of the software along with smooth and concurrent updating of changes that are reflected everywhere without affecting the entire process.


Assessment ensures performance optimization on an ongoing basis. It also eases the audit of existing infrastructure and development pipeline.


Collaboration helps to bridge the technical gap between different teams so that they could collaborate, communicate and integrate to improve the process of infrastructure changes and software delivery.

Lifecycle process management

It lets you meet business demands while improving software quality and productivity by automating the entire development and delivery process.

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    Continuous Delivery & Monitoring (Operations)

    • 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure
    • Automated testing to ensure software is working as expected
    • Create a source-controlled, repeatable and flexible environment for applications
    • Monitor and operate successfully from different points of presence
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    Continuous Feedback (Production Environment)

    • Provide new application releases and get real-time feedback
    • Improve quality and reduce churn times
    • Let developers focus on building business value
    • Ensure incremental improvement
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    Continuous Planning (Business)

    • Improve efficiency and utilization of resources
    • Secure automation and optimization
    • Fix defects in earlier phases of development to avoid delays
    • Fast and frequent delivery of features
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    Continuous Development (Engineering)

    • Seamless application deployment and maintenance
    • Enhance visibility of the development process for better interaction and resolution
    • Integrate teams and processes in an unified pipeline
    • Quickly respond to the changing market conditions
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    Continuous Integration (CI Server)

    • Make the changes visible before being merged in a dynamic environment
    • Increase visibility across the team
    • Split your tests and build processes over different systems
    • Trigger a warning to all developers in case of a broken code
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    Continuous Deployment (Execute Deployment, Notification, Define Jobs)

    • Schedule and deploy complex applications and configure them in development, testing and production environments
    • Efficiently manage continuous delivery pipeline
    • Simplify, standardize, and automate the deployment of most complex applications
    • Rapid on-boarding of applications
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    Continuous Testing (DEV/SIT QA Staging)

    • Automate testing that require manual execution and analysis
    • Avoid delays in discovering issues
    • Validate the quality and functionality of the task
    • Reduce time to market through streamlined testing
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    Release Management

    • Planning, scheduling, and controlling a software build through different stages and environments
    • Run a smooth communication between your delivery pipeline and your change management system
    • Integrate your audit and security requirements into your process
    • Ensures proper visibility of the project at each micro level.

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Softweb Solutions Inc. is a tech consulting and development company with offices in Chicago and Dallas. We work with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges. Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer Internet of Things solutions, data services, build artificial intelligence based applications and digital experiences.

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