Data Science as a Service

Jumping into the data science arena is a huge decision to make for a company. You need a trusted partner who can work with you to unlock new possibilities for your business.

Does my company needs Data Science?

No matter whether you are a large enterprise or a medium-sized company; if you are generating any type of data and using in one way or another, you definitely need a data scientist.

Data science can help uncover new insights from your existing data that were previously unavailable and conquer many analytical opportunities on the table, which in turn will help you take smart decisions.

How much of my Data is actually useful?

So you have different types a lot of data that you have collected over the years from various sources. But how much of it is actually useful to you? Data science can answer this question by helping you make sense of your unstructured or semi-structured data for improved analysis. Our groundbreaking technologies and best-in-class techniques are adept at extracting the good data from your archives to derive insightful information.

Still not sure if you need data science for your business?

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Platforms and Technologies We Work With

Let us help you solve your critical business problems with data science. Our experts know how to make the best use of state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can improve decision-making and create value.

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Our data science and business analytics services will help you

  • Accelerate your decision-making process

    Since you will be able to gain new, forward-thinking insights that were previously unavailable, you will be able to take smarter decisions while spending a little amount of time. Besides, this will bring a huge change in how you make decisions – relying less on intuition and more on data.

  • Discover new horizons.

    Your existing datasets can trigger way more opportunities than you can possibly think of. You might have access to information that can help you branch out into other fields and broaden the horizon of your business. But you’ll never know, unless you hire our data scientists to analyze your data and find out.

  • Cut down maintenance costs

    Data science does not only help you optimize investment decisions, but also empower you to create a smart maintenance plan for your assets while eliminating the chances of failure or problems that may arise in the near future due to insufficient information. Needless to say, it can help you cut costs by a considerable amount.

  • Offer consumer drive services

    Data acquisition from the right sources can be instrumental in helping you tweak your products or services to make them more consumer-centric. Our data science consulting services can give you the required insights about your target audience, ultimately resulting into a more customer-driven approach.

Data Science Practice Areas

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Avoid downtime and implement corrective measures well in advance by predicting quality issues and asset failures.

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Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics

Define target audiences using industry grade analytic tools and increase sales while deliver more personalized customer experiences.

Sales Forecasting
Sales Forecasting

Use your existing data to accurately predict future sales with futuristic insights and take data-driven decisions for improved outcome.

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Streamline your supply chain management system with smart inventory management.

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Recommendation Engines
Recommendation Engines

Create a smart system to offer personalized recommendations to your customers with the help of our data scientists.

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Customer Churn and Predictions
Customer Churn and Predictions

Keep your existing customers happy and improve customer churn rate with advanced analytics capability.

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Market Basket Analysis
Market Basket Analysis

Know your customers better, figure out what they are interested in, and sell more by delivering personalized shopping experiences.

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Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics

Improve patient care and cut costs with innovative data solutions designed for healthcare providers.

Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the data acquired from various social media channels, emails, feedback comments and more to know what your clients, customers and future prospects think about you.

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Recommender systems – How they can help retailers deliver personalized shopping experiences 

In this webinar, you will learn how any business with an online presence and an extensive product lineup can benefit from recommender systems.

Webinar Agenda
  • What are recommender systems? 
  • Different types of recommender systems 
  • Use cases of recommender systems and how to create one 
  • Difficulties of building the right system and how to overcome them 
  • How a customized recommender system can benefit your business 


Data Science Proof of Value (PoV) Roadmap

Start realizing value of your data in 3 weeks


Data Aggregation
Exploratory analysis
Feature Engineering
Model building
Data visualization
Evaluation and validation

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