Bot Development Services

Bot Development Services

Build smart AI-driven bots to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers & employees
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Develop bot extensions of your existing enterprise software

Softweb Solutions can help you create bots that enable your employees to increase their productivity, improve business workflows and enable them to make full use of your existing software tools such as CRM, ERP, HR and accounting among several others.

The best part - your bots can be integrated with either your proprietary chat tools or third-party ones. Develop bots for Skype, web chat, direct line, Email Office 365, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Kik, Slack, SMS and Telegram.


Bot use cases – there’s a bot for that!

  • Manufacturing
    • Manufacturers can manage their supply chain with the help of bots.
    • Employees can ask bots to provide details of their inventory before restocking it and generate purchase orders for items that are required.
    • These bots also send notifications when shipments arrive and can initiate production of certain goods if managers ask it to.
  • Retail
    • Bots can offer assistance to visitors of shopping websites.
    • Customers can ask questions in a natural language regarding the type of products they need, their prices, delivery options and more.
    • Bots can answer these questions correctly and provide relevant links to them to complete the transactions.
  • Healthcare
    • AI-based bots can work as medical assistants and answer health related queries in a chat format.
    • Bots can be developed to handle patient discharge, ordering medical equipment for patients, renewing patient prescriptions and scheduling medical appointments.
    • Readmission rates can be reduced by taking feedback from recently discharged patients, medical records can be updated and even urgent care locations can be given out in a chat app.
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  • Marketing
    • Bots can be used to market products or services and send out reminders to customers regarding a special scheme or an offer.
    • They can identify customers who would be interested in these products and offers based on past preferences and transactions to create groups.
    • These groups would then receive personalized messages created by chatbots.
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  • Banking
    • Bots can help customers check their balance, transfer funds and notify their banks that they are travelling so that their accounts and cards are not blocked.
    • Customers can also review their credit card statements, making card payments, set up auto-payments and send push reminders when the deadline approaches.
    • Suspicious activity can easily be flagged by sending just a text message.
    • Banks can upsell other services and cross-sell services such as savings and wealth management plans.
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  • Workplace
    • An accounting bot can keep track of all transactions and display the information quickly in a chat.
    • Inventory management and even supply chain management becomes quick and easy with the task specific bots.
    • Key financial details can be viewed on your mobile device (after appropriate authentication) without having to log into the database
    • Bots can take over customer service and deliver real-time support while cutting down company overhead. They can send alerts and create support tickets while being engaging.
    • Bots can work 24/7/365 to deliver virtual assistance for employees. They can send data from multiple systems and work across different channels and devices.
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Build a quick bot for your business to improve user experience

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Build bots for your enterprise on any of the major messaging apps

Microsoft Bot Development
Microsoft Bot Development

The Microsoft Bot Framework lets you build AI-based bots by tapping into Microsoft's Cognitive Services. It also lets you build Skype bots which can be used for exchanging rich messages including text, pictures, videos and cards along with carousels and action buttons.

Telegram Bot Development
Telegram Bot Development

We develop bots for Telegram to help you run your application within this instant messaging service. Your customers can directly chat with the bots or add them to their groups to communicate by sending messages, inline requests or commands.

Slack Bot Development
Slack Bot Development

Slack, a cloud-based collaboration tool for teams, has a range of APIs. Softweb Solutions can use these APIs for creating company- or team-specific bots that can communicate with team members and execute multiple useful tasks.

Facebook Bot Development
Facebook Bot Development

Softweb Solutions can help you expand your reach by developing Facebook Messenger bots. A bot designed for the Messenger application allows you to reach those 900 million users who use this application on their smartphones.

Alan – Softweb’s enterprise chatbot platform

Alan helps businesses to create and deploy AI- powered multiple chatbots on multiple channels. This platform can be hosted on the cloud or on premises, based on your business requirement. With Alan’s drag-and-drop interface chatbots can be created quickly with absolutely no coding. Also, you can have complete control of the platform without having to depend on any SaaS model.

Alan offers you the provision to create intelligent chatbots with inbuilt AI (NLP & ML) capabilities that gives contextual responses by understanding the users’ language. By using our platform you can integrate the chatbot with internal databases, ERP, and CRM too. Apart from that you can have a detailed access to the bot analytics and get to know how your users are interacting with your chatbots.

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Why you should use Softweb Solutions as a chat bot maker for your enterprise

  • Manage employee rewards, leave requests and recognition programs
  • Handle CRM software to get a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Specific workflow bots can speed up approvals
  • Generating expense and income reports is easy
  • Quick insights can be generated in real-time by entering just a few commands or using natural language
  • Sales teams can update customer opportunities in the CRM via a bot
  • Managers can get alerts regarding project delays
  • Service bots can assist field service technicians in their work
  • Virtual assistants can provide customer service and also work as your sales representative
  • Bots can carry out most of the work of administrative assistants such as scheduling meetings
  • Employees have to spend less time on learning new software applications

Softweb Solutions develops bots for a manufacturer to facilitate supply chain management

A manufacturer of packaged food required a reliable and easy-to-understand solution to facilitate supply chain management.

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You are in good hands

At Softweb Solutions, we understand the software requirements of large scale enterprises. Our bot programmers can build enterprise specific bots to help you increase employee productivity and customer engagement.

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