Bring intelligence to your business with Azure IoT Suite

Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Azure iot Partner

Azure Cloud Development Services

We offer in-depth consultations as well as support regarding the Azure cloud computing platform.

Azure Consulting Services
Azure Consulting Services

Speed up the growth of your business by obtaining deeper insights from your untapped data.

Azure IoT Suite
Azure IoT Suite

Connect devices to each other and derive useful insights for generating new revenue opportunities.

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SaaS Development
SaaS Development

Develop highly efficient cloud-based SaaS solutions using the Azure cloud platform.

Azure Stream analytics
Mobile App Development

Create mobile apps, automate business processes and integrate apps with SaaS solutions.

Azure app services

Our DevOps culture ensures an optimized IT setup and complete utilization of technological skills.

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Azure iot hub
SharePoint on Azure

Host SharePoint on Azure to ensure a secure, scalable and easy-to-use environment as well as cut costs.


IoT Workshop

Softweb Solutions’ IoT workshop offers assistance to companies who wish to implement the Internet of Things with a proof of concept for the business. So, if you wish to begin your IoT journey, sign up for our two-week workshop.

Softweb Solutions’ team of experts delivers efficient cloud-based solutions


    Our solution architects for Azure can help you with the tedious task of migrating your data to the cloud. We will also suggest the most ideal Azure cloud for your company.


    Our team of proficient developers can create secure and scalable cross-platform applications based on the Azure platform. They are a must-have for handling tasks involving Big Data.


    Outsource your cloud management services to us and focus on important business issues. We will manage, monitor and carry out maintenance tasks along with offering 24/7 support.

Planning an Azure Project? Softweb can help.


Top 10 advantages of leveraging Microsoft Azure for enterprises and SMEs

Find out how Microsoft Azure can be used to build hybrid applications, enhance customer experience and leverage mobility for businesses.

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Our Azure IoT-based Smart Solutions

We offer effective IoT solutions in diverse industries to accelerate your company’s growth

Smart Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing

Enhance safety and efficiency in your manufacturing unit by turning it into a smart factory.

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Smart Retail
Smart Retail

Identify and attract your target audience using proximity marketing strategies involving beacons.

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Smart Predictive Maintenance
Smart Predictive Maintenance

Avoid unexpected downtime and improve the productivity of your field technicians.

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Smart Remote Monitoring
Smart Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor as well as control your assets to prevent abrupt machinery breakdowns.

Smart Office & Occupancy
Smart Office & Occupancy

Make your office building smarter with sensors and mobile or web applications.

Smart Healthcare
Smart Healthcare

Provide top-notch healthcare services to your patients with our IoT-based apps and solutions.

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Smart analytics to address big data challenges

  • The evolution of data
  • Overview: What is smart analytics?
  • Smart analytics vs. traditional reporting tools
  • Why do businesses need smart analytics today
  • How can it help you take smart decisions?
  • Smart analytics tools and technologies
  • Smart analytics in action
  • Interactive reports in Tableau for a major food manufacturer

    Power BI and Azure based solution to enhance analytics capabilities

    Our client designs and manufactures computer peripherals, communications equipment, and similar electronic products.

  • Interactive reports in Tableau for a major food manufacturer

    Creating a Smart Factory for a Leading Packaging Company

    Our client is one of the leading companies in the packaging sector.


You are in good hands

Softweb Solutions has a team of expert professionals to help you make the transition to the Azure platform. We can help you identify your business requirements and set revenue benchmarks.

Who we are

Softweb Solutions Inc. is a Chicago based tech consulting and development company working with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges.

Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions and R&D services to companies in every industry. Our clients are able to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our expertise in all the tech areas – from IoT systems to data science projects and mission critical apps, we never fail to deliver.

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