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IoT consulting and advisory services

As you decide to embark on IoT’s fascinating journey, there are multiple unknown roadblocks that you might not aware with. We understand that the technology is complex and so are the business opportunities. Our specialized team of IoT experts will help you bring much needed strategic and cultural changes to make your IoT journey as smooth as possible. We will help you in not only identifying and pursuing new business and revenue opportunities but also performing the readiness assessment of your ecosystem and creating an IoT roadmap.

Our Internet of Things consulting services are aimed at helping you to create a blueprint of your IoT journey and delivering a robust solution that differentiates your products and services, improves processes, and creates new revenue streams.

Softweb IoT Consulting Services

Softweb Solutions is one of the renowned IoT Consulting firms, who helps businesses get started with IoT no matter if they are already collecting data or just new to the digital world.

IoT advisory services
IoT advisory services
Embedded device consulting
Embedded device consulting
IoT PaaS development
IoT PaaS development
IoT managed services
IoT managed services

IoT consulting program

Right from performing IoT maturity level assessment to defining a business case to building and deploying a solution, our experts will assist you at every stage being your end-to-end partner to fully leverage IoT.

Our IoT consulting program helps companies to:

  • Find out how Softweb Solutions adds value to your IoT strategy
  • Build use cases & quantize KPIs
  • Design a scalable architecture
  • Discover unidentified patterns, inefficiencies, and unutilized resources
  • Have a robust implementation plan
  • Better prepare for a full-fledged IoT solution
  • Build new processes & revenue opportunities

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Softweb Smart IoT Solutions

To help you stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on new technologies, Softweb Solutions has built smart solutions across different aspects to make IoT implementation quicker for a range of industries.

Smart Factory

Maximize efficiency, identify hidden losses and gain improved visibility using data acquisition coupled with data visualization tools.

Smart Asset Monitoring

Track and monitor the health of your operational assets, predict future events, and improve asset uptime with automated alerting of assets.

Smart Building

Reduce operational costs and energy consumption by making buildings more intelligent using sensors and IoT technologies.

Smart Logistics

Our smart logistics solution powered by the right technology help you track and smartly manage your fleets from anywhere.

Smart Retail

Smart Retail is a proximity marketing platform that helps retailers to deliver the next level of digital experience to its customers.

Smart Healthcare

Improve patient care and boost treatment outcomes while making the most of your data that can be accessed from anywhere.

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IoT consulting services

We help you understand how IoT will create a huge impact on your business. Our IoT advisory services create a roadmap to success, as we help you identify key capabilities and new business models. We also make things easier for you to understand, as we define initial IoT use cases. Also, we bring you the right blend of the latest technologies, industry knowledge and skilled IoT experts to help you attain business goals and create incremental revenue.

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We are a leading tech company headquartered in Chicago with expertise in advising firms of all sizes.

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Softweb Solutions Inc. is a tech consulting and development company with offices in Chicago and Dallas. We work with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges. Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer Internet of Things solutions, data services, build artificial intelligence based applications and digital experiences.

  • 12+ Years in business
  • 400+ Full time employees
  • 500+ Satisfied customers
  • 1000+ Projects delivered
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